Sep 2 – 13, 2019
Spa (Belgium)
Europe/Brussels timezone

Belgian Dutch German graduate school in particle physics

The school is intended primarily for experimental high energy physicists preparing a PhD in particle physics, in particular during their first two years. The lectures cover both theoretical and experimental aspects of the field. The BND graduate school 2019 will take place between 2nd (14:00) and 13th (13:00) September 2019, in Spa. Students are expected to stay the full period of the school. The fee will be 1100 Euro, and covers all expenses: meals, lectures, excursions, and boarding.

Scientific programme

Quantum Field Theory Ronald Kleiss (RU)
Electroweak Theory Céline Degrande (UCLouvain)
QFT/EWK Tutorial Ronald Kleiss / Céline Degrande
Experimental tests of Electroweak Physics Andrea Knue (Freiburg)
DELPHES / Student Project Michele Selvaggi (CERN)
Flavour Physics Experiments Danny van Dyk (TU Munich)
Tracking, vertexing, flavour-tagging Pascal Vanlaer (ULB)
Neutrino Experiments Daan van Eijk (Nikhef)
Cosmology Marco Drewes (UCLouvain)
Gravitational Waves Tanja Hinderer (UVA)
Long-Lived Particle Searches Steven Lowette (VUB)
Special lecture: The SPECULOOS project: hunting for habitable exoplanets around the nearest very-low-mass stars Michael Gillon

Local Organizing Committee

Andrea Giammanco (UCLouvain) - chair

Giacomo Bruno (UCLouvain)

Vincent Lemaître (UCLouvain)

Carine Baras (UCLouvain) - secretariat

International Programme Committee

Achim Stahl (RWTH Aachen)

Auke Pieter Colijn (UVA)

Dirk Ryckbosch (UGent)

Dominic Hirschbuehl (Wuppertal)

Evelyne Daubie (UMons)

Frank Ellinghaus (Wuppertal)

Freya Blekman (VUB)

Guenther Fluegge (RWTH Aachen)

Ian Brock (Bonn)

Jo van de Brand (VU/NIKHEF)

Klaus Moenig (DESY)

Michael Kobel (TU Dresden)

Nicolo de Groot (RU)

Nick van Remortel (Antwerpen)

Pascal Vanlaer (ULB)

Paul de Jong (UVA/NIKHEF)

Raimond Snellings (UU)

Steven Lowette (VUB)

Thorsten Kuhl (DESY)

More information

Organizing institutes: Belgium, Netherlands, Germany

More information about previous BND Schools

We gratefully acknowledge support from:

Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology (CP3) at UCLouvain

FNRS and FWO through the Excellence of Science project be.h - The Higgs boson gateway to physics beyond the Standard Model

FNRS through the Doctoral School in Physics and Astrophysics (PandA)

Spa (Belgium)
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