15-18 April 2019
Europe/Brussels timezone

Master formula for one-loop renormalization of bosonic SMEFT operators

Apr 17, 2019, 4:00 PM


Dr Claudius Krause (Fermilab)


Using background-field method and super-heat-kernel expansion, we derive a master formula for the one-loop UV divergences of the bosonic dimension-six operators in Standard Model Effective Field Theory (SMEFT). This approach reduces the calculation of all the UV divergences to algebraic manipulations. Using this formula we corroborate results in the literature for the one-loop anomalous dimension matrix of SMEFT obtained via diagrammatic methods, considering contributions from the operators $X^3$, $\phi^6$, $\phi^4 D^2$, $X^2\phi^2$ of the Warsaw basis. The formula is derived in a general way and can be applied to other quantum field theories.

Primary authors

Dr Claudius Krause (Fermilab) Prof. Gerhard Buchalla (LMU Munich) Dr Alejandro Celis (LMU Munich) Mr Jan Toelstede (LMU Munich, TU Munich)

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