22-25 January 2019
Institut des Sciences de la Vie (ISV)
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Bounding the Higgs width through interference effects

25 Jan 2019, 11:40
Salle Carnoy B059 (Institut des Sciences de la Vie (ISV))

Salle Carnoy B059

Institut des Sciences de la Vie (ISV)



Enrico Bothmann (ITP Göttingen)


I review an ongoing pheno study, in which my collaborators and I explore if the experimental bounds on the Higgs decay width could potentially be improved by exploiting interference effects of the $pp \to H \to \gamma\gamma$ signal with the $pp \to \gamma\gamma$ continuum background. We use particle-level simulated data using SHERPA and a complete likelihood analysis to derive the expected bound, and thus go beyond earlier findings where approximate bounds were derived using fixed-order predictions [Dixon, Li 1305.3854 (2013)].

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