22-25 January 2019
Institut des Sciences de la Vie (ISV)
Europe/Brussels timezone

Participant List

42 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Alan Price IPPP
Andrew Lifson Lund University
Andrzej Siodmok IFJ PAN
Ann Durie University of Manchester
Baptiste Cabouat University of Manchester
Christian Bierlich Lund University (SE)
Christian Gutschow UCL
Christian Reuschle Lund University
Christine Rasmussen Lund University
Christopher Plumberg Lund University
Céline Degrande CP3
Danping Joanna Huang UCL
David Yallup University College London
Emma Simpson Dore KIT
Enrico Bothmann ITP Göttingen
Fabio Maltoni UCLouvain
Frank Krauss IPPP Durham
Gavin Bewick Durham University
Graeme Nail University of Edinburgh
Harsh Shah Lund University
James Black IPPP
Jeppe Andersen IPPP, University of Durham
Jonathan Butterworth UCL
Kiran Ostrolenk University of Manchester
Leif Gellersen Lund University
Leif Lönnblad Lund University, Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics
Luca Mantani UCLouvain
Malin Sjodahl Lund University
Marian Heil IPPP, Durham
Marius Utheim Lund University
Michael Seymour University of Manchester
Michel Herquet B12
Oleh Fedkevych Lund University
Olivier Mattelaer UCLouvain
Patrick Kirchgaesser KIT
Peter Skands Monash University
Simon Plätzer University of Vienna (AT)
Smita Chakraborty Lund University
Stefan Gieseke KIT
Steffen Schumann University of Goettingen
Torbjörn Sjöstrand Lund University
Xiaoran Zhao CP3, UCLouvain
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