22-27 May 2011
Europe/Brussels timezone

Scientific Programme

Scientific program


To allow for proper consideration, the abstracts for the proposed talks should be sent before April 30 to a member of the program committee. Young persons are especially encouraged to participate in the conference – there is a possibility of some financial support, see below.

Scientific Committee

  • for QCD-related talks:
    • L. Favart (IIHE-ULB, Bruxelles U.) lfavart@ulb.ac.be
    • I.P. Ivanov (IFPA, Liège U.), igor.ivanov@ulg.ac.be
  • for talks related to electroweak interactions and physics beyond the standard model:
    • M. Klasen (Inst. Theor. Phys., Münster U.), klasen@lpsc.in2p3.fr
    • V. Lemaitre (CP3-UCL, Louvain U.), Vincent.Lemaitre@uclouvain.be
  • for talks related to the photon collider:
    • J. Gronberg (LLNL, Livermore), gronberg1@llnl.gov
    • V. Telnov (IYF, Novosibirsk), V.I.Telnov@inp.nsk.su
  • for talks related to photons in astroparticle physics:
    • S. Schlenstedt (DESY, Zeuthen), stefan.schlenstedt@desy.de
  • for talks on other topics:
    • J.R. Cudell (IFPA, Liège U.), jr.cudell@ulg.ac.be
    • K. Piotrzkowski (CP3-UCL, Louvain U.), Krzysztof.Piotrzkowski@uclouvain.be