Seminars and Journal Clubs

Freeze-in dark matter: models and phenomenology

by Andreas Goudelis (LPTHE Paris)

1-3rd floor-E.349 - Seminar room (E.349) (Cyclotron)

1-3rd floor-E.349 - Seminar room (E.349)



The freeze-in picture is a well-established alternative to thermal freeze-out that can explain the dark matter abundance in the Universe. Typical frozen-in dark matter candidates are characterised by tiny couplings to the visible sector, which can be hard to justify from a particle physics standpoint. I will discuss potential ways to address this issue, focusing on the possibility that these couplings could be suppressed due to the so-called Clockwork mechanism. I will present two main variants of this idea, one for scalar and one for fermionic dark matter. Finally, time permitting, I will also discuss some interesting signatures that freeze-in models could have at the Large Hadron Collider.

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