Invited seminars

A cosmological B-L phase transition

by Dr. Valerie Domcke (DESY)

1-3rd floor-E.349 - Seminar room (E.349) (Cyclotron)

1-3rd floor-E.349 - Seminar room (E.349)


Cosmic inflation is an impressively successful paradigm in our understanding of the early Universe. Its embedding into particle physics is however still an open question. In this talk, I will present a `complete' particle physics model of inflation. Based on the implementation of D-term hybrid inflation in strongly coupled supersymmetric gauge theories, this setup overcomes all the usual problems of D-term hybrid inflation, including the consistent generation of an Fayet-Iliopoulos term in supergravity and the cosmic string problem. The D term may be associated with a gauged U(1)_B-L, so that the end of inflation spontaneously breaks B-L in the visible sector, setting the stage for neutrino mass generation and leptogenesis. A single dynamically generated mass scale connects inflation, supersymmetry breaking and leptogenesis.
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