6-8 December 2017
Institut des Sciences de la Vie (ISV)
Europe/Brussels timezone
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This meeting is organized within the framework of the activities of (and supported by) the ATTRACT Brain to Brussels Innoviris Grant 2015, centered on dark matter simplified models at LHC and the complementarity of dark matter searches.

Confirmed speakers:
  • Suzan Basegmez du Pree (AMS Cern)
  • Sebastien Clesse (UNamur/UCL)
  • Eduardo Cortina Gil (UCL)
  • Marco Drewes (UCL)
  • Tristan du Pree (Nikhef Amsterdam)
  • Kaoru Hagiwara (KEK Tsukuba)
  • Jan Heisig (RWTH Aachen)
  • Thomas Jacques (SISSA Trieste)
  • Jong Soo Kim (University of the Witwatersrand)
  • Chris Kouvaris (CP3 Origins Odense)
  • Sabine Kraml (LPSC Grenoble)
  • Suchita Kulkarni (OEAW Vienna)
  • Laura Lopez Honorez (ULB)
  • Steven Lowette (VUB)
  • Kentarou Mawatari (Osaka University)
  • Ken Mimasu (UCL)
  • Germano Nardini (ITP Bern)
  • Jose Miguel No (Kings College London)
  • Kai Schmidt Hoberg (DESY Hamburg)
  • Bryan Zaldivar (LAPTH Annecy)
Participation to this workshop is by invitation only.

Institut des Sciences de la Vie (ISV)
Salle Carnoy B059