Invited seminars

Top quarks physics at the LHC - Andreas Meyer

by Prof. Andreas Meyer (DESY & KIT)

1-3rd floor-E.349 - Seminar room (E.349) (Cyclotron)

1-3rd floor-E.349 - Seminar room (E.349)


The top quark is the heaviest elementary particle known to-date. Due to the largeness of its mass it couples strongly to the Higgs boson. At the same time, as a quark, it undergoes strong interactions. However, the top quark's lifetime is so short that it decays before it would hadronize. Since its discovery in 1995 at the Tevatron, the detailed scrutiny of the top quark is a prime goal of particle physics. With the advent of the LHC, experimental studies have reached a complete new realm of precision and detail. Tens of millions of top quarks have already been produced at the CMS and ATLAS experiments. The data provide access to precision measurements of differential cross sections, also for single top production. Detailed measurements and studies of top quark production in association with jets, b-jets, additional top quarks as well as heavy bosons are becoming possible and increasingly precise. In my talk I will present recent results from the ATLAS and CMS experiments, with focus on the first measurements obtained with LHC Run-II data.
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