27-28 May 2013
Europe/Brussels timezone
Last 8 TeV run at the LHC has written a new page in the history of particle physics. This year data will be scrutinized is great detail and preparation will start for the next step beyond 10 TeV. In this context, more and more experimentalists as well as theorists, are getting interested in methods that maximize the information that we can gather from the LHC data. Multivariate analyses, boosted decision tree, Neural Networks are just a few of the currently widely employed techniques. The idea of this two-day meeting to gather the experts of the matrix element method (MEM) and focus on the latest developments/ideas/improvements and on its applications to LHC physics. Among the main topics: 1. Methods: w/ or wo/ transfer functions, momenta reshuffling, shower deconstruction. 2. Going higher orders : using merged samples, extension to NLO. 3. New aims: from measurements to event selection, to BSM searches,... Participation: By invitation only. Organizers: John Campbell, Fabio Maltoni, Tilman Plehn
CYCL.01 (Auditoire Charles de la Vallee Poussin)
Chemin du Cyclotron 2 B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
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