Elena Tartaglia (SISSA) : Quantum Quench in the Infinitely Repulsive Hubbard Model: the Stationary State

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 from to (Europe/Brussels)
at de Hemptinne ( E161 )
I will talk about my recent project in the area of non-equilibrium dynamics of closed quantum many-body systems. 

Firstly, I will give an introduction to the area, explaining how local observables subject to unitary time evolution can reach stationary values described by appropriate statistical ensembles. 

I will give an example in terms of the XX model and then move to describing our recent work with the infinitely repulsive Hubbard model. 

I will explain how for a certain class of initial states we are able to determine the steady state using the so called Quench Action method, which can be used to describe the long-time behaviour of observables in the thermodynamic limit of interacting integrable models.
Organised by Alexi Morin Duchesne