Friday, February 10

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Friday, February 10
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Summary: ULB Seminar: Jérémie Quevillon - The Fermi Theory of the 21st Century
Description: In this talk, we present the universal one-loop effective action for all operators of dimension up to six obtained by integrating out massive, non-degenerate multiplets. Our general expression may be applied to loops of heavy particles. The broad applicability of this approach simplifies one-loop matching from an ultraviolet model to a lower-energy effective field theory (EFT), a procedure which is now reduced to the evaluation of a combination of matrices in our universal expression, without any loop integrals to evaluate.
We illustrate the relationship of our results to the Standard Model (SM) EFT, using as an example the supersymmetric stop and sbottom squark Lagrangian and extracting from our universal expression the Wilson coefficients of dimension-six operators composed of SM fields.
We then discuss the present and possible future indirect constraints on stop masses and on others well motivated Beyond the Standard Model theories.